Australian Open Venue Melbourne Park

Since 1988 the Australian Open Tennis grand Slam has been held at Melbourne Park, in Melbourne known these days as the Australian Capital City of Sport. The venue is situated agjacent to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG),scene of many of the finest cricket tests ever played. The Melbourne Park Venue is real state of the art and incorporates a genuine WOW factor. It has enjoyed huge investment and now attracts over six hundred thousand spectators through its turnstiles each year. The two main arena’s are the Rod Laver Arena and the Vodafone Arena and both feature retractable roofs allowing play to continue in the rain. 

In 2008 the rebound Ace surface that had been in place for 20 years was replaced by a cushioned acrylic surface known as plexicushion. This surface benefits from greater consistency and better heat retention. Not all players were happy with the surface as it has become too much like the surface played on at the US Open Venue.